Robin Hood 2010 :  Once again, back to the Crusades
Russell Crow is Robin
robin hood - russell crowe
Cate Blanchett is Marion
robin hood  The tippit at the sleeve end is a nice touch.
Ridley Scott is the Director
ridley scott director
Janty Yates  is the Costume Designer
 Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven, this designer like period pieces.  At first glance, he's got this period pretty good!
Lea Seydoux is Isabella
a new french actress.  I don't see any princess seams...Yay!!
Eileen Atkins is Eleanor of Aquitaine
eleanor of aquitaine Veils are good, nice touch with the gold and she has embroidered gloves again correct.  I'm really liking this period piece and the movie has not even opened.
Lots of Photos on Flikr Here  
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